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Hello all, I currently work in a local hospital as a phlebotomist and oddly enough I have a bachelor's is psychology as I didn't really know what I wanted to do when I was younger. I'm considering going back to school and have always been fascinated with environmental sciences, especially Conservation Ecology. As I was looking at courses offered at a local community college I saw one program they have as biotechnology. I think this is interesting as it appears to pertain to my current job and according to some research I did, it looks like this field is involved with many environmental fields too. I'm highly considering going into this field as it appears to be quite beneficial to my interests and previous experiences, however I don't want to repeat past mistakes. I feel the focus now should not only be academics, but on practical skills as it appears this seems to offer. For those who are currently in or just trying to find out information as well I 'd very much appreciate any informantion you can give me about this field. Also should I consider getting a master's in Ecology would this help my chances too?
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