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Nano Genetic Technologies - Cure to all that Ails us? Please Help.
Hello all,

I am doing rewrites for a novel which I've nearly completed.  My premise deals with the future of nano-technology, especially in genetics.  
My question is this, what is the path which biotechnologies will need to take in order to achieve ceasing cellular breakdown.  In my novel I have posited that we will some day be able to completely stop cellular breakdown, so man will reach his/her prime and in real time from that theoretical "full grown" point, cells wouldn't breakdown so you'd have a society where no one aged.  The reason would be SOME nano technology implemented at birth which initiated rapid growth to accelerate the path to this "full grown" age and then stopped the progression.

Further, I posit that this theoretical nano technology would enable rapid repair of any damage to cellular structures, not just preventing cellular breakdown.  

If anyone can chime in, I would love some advice, perhaps even some resources to look into.  I have considered advancements with CRISPR CAS9 which I am unsure if these newer technologies if embedded in some far advanced Nano robot would be able to enable the above genetic editing in real time.  CRISPR CAS9 also appears to be geared towards Embryo's and not so much adult living tissues/cell structures. 

Thank You

Enezbi Arre
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Nano Genetic Technologies - Cure to all that Ails us? Please Help.00