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online courses
Respected sir,

I am a BTech biotech student. while studying for semester exams i also want to do some online course in biotech for learning . Can you suggest me any website where I can find the same?

thank you.
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I know for a fact that colleges and universities can offer online classes. Mine does, personally, and so do a lot of universities if they have the available technology to do so. I haven't run across any actual legitimate websites offering online courses that had nothing to do with colleges. I find come of those online sites sketchy.. but as for just plain old practice there are various things on google, but I don't know any tried-and-true one-stop-shops especially for such an intricate, scientific study.

Possibly inquire to a school counselor about the online courses, maybe? Ask if you can get into some extracurricular sort of thing where they have it up for grabs online. Hopefully they can help out better than I can.. Let us know if you get good news!
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