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genetic engineering is a part of biotechnology?
i am studying B.Sc biotechnology but i want to do research on rDNA technology i.e,genetic engineering can i do my masters in genetic engineering? i came to know that genetic engineering comes under biotechnology am i correct?
i am confused please clarify me....
I myself am currently studying Biotechnology as well.. Headed for a bachelor's also. As far as I know myself, from what I hear in my school and from just in-general research, I think they might just be the same thing on a diploma. I know for a fact, even by definition that biotechnology is the manipulation (as through genetic engineering) of living organisms.. so either way it is the practice of genetic engineering. Not sure if you can get a more specific study, but I think anything could be possible.. I just think they might be considered the same thing either way you look at it. Maybe an extra course in genetics?
My recommendations are asking the school counselors if it can become more specified if you're looking for that, maybe? My understanding is that biotechnology is another word for genetic engineering and vice versa..
biotechnology is nothing but genetic endineering am i correct?
(12-30-2016, 01:00 AM)pavan chary Wrote: biotechnology is nothing but genetic endineering am i correct?

Basically yes. "Genetic Engineering" describes Biotechnology in most cases.. so as far as I know, yes.

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