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Poll: Should GM mosquitos be used to prevent tropical diseases ?
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No, there should be more research beforehand.
No, the risks and consequences for humans and our environment aren't known yet.
I don't know about this topic, but sure as long as it's ruled save by scientists/government.
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GM mosquitos used to prevent tropical diseases
I’m a biotech student working on my seminar thesis which revolves around the topic genetic modification of mosquitos to prevent tropical diseases with various methods (e.g. CRISPR/CAS) 

I’m planning to do a survey as part of my  and want to know: 
  •  What you think of genetic modification of mosquitos? 
  • Do you think its safe to use? Should we use GM mosquitos to prevent tropical diseases? 
  • Would you support the commercial use as a replacement for insecticides? 
  • Or do you think GM mosquitos or GM in general needs more research?
It would be great if you would participate, and tell me what you think about this particular topic. I would really appreciate it! 

Please also state if you are a Biotec-Student, Bachelor/Master or how you connect to this topic. 

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