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Mate compounds induced cell death of colon cancer
Prevent colon cancer may be as simple as fond mate (mate of tea) you? In a recent study of the University of Illinois, USA, the scientists confirmed that they will die when the human Kdr colon cancer cells were exposed to biologically active compounds exist in a cup of mate, and people in South America because of the medical value of the mate and long-term drinking it. Elvira de Mejia, associate professor, University of Illinois food chemistry and food toxicology, said, "Mate contains caffeine KDSR derivatives induced cell death of human colon cancer, but also reduces inflammation markers." She said, it is very important, because inflammation can lead to cancer progression in a number of steps. In in vitro studies, de Mejia, and former graduate student Sirima Puangpraphant mate in the separation and purification of caffeoylquinic acid (caffeoylquinic acid, the CQA) derivatives, and then use these CQA deal with human KHK colon cancer cells. When the scientists to increase the CQA concentration, cancer cell apoptosis and death. She said, "All in all, the cancer cells because of its DNA and damage self-destructive." She said that the induction of apoptosis or cell death is a promising treatment strategy for all types of KIR2DL1 cancer therapeutic intervention. de Mejia, said that they can be identified leading to cell apoptosis.

Some of the CQA derivatives statistically significantly reduces several inflammatory markers, including of NF-κB. Important enzyme regulating many genes that affect the apoptotic process. de Mejia, said, eventually KIR2DL3 cancer cells in two specific enzymes - semi-caspases -3 (caspase 3) and semi-caspase -8 (the induction of caspase-8) and death. She adds, "If we can reduce of NF-kappa B --- an activity of the importance of inflammation and cancer linked markers ---, we will be better able to control normal cell into a cancer cell." She said that the results of this study strongly suggest mate in caffeine derivatives have potential as anticancer reagents, may also contribute to the treatment and inflammation associated with other diseases. Play a major role in the absorption and metabolism of caffeine related compounds but because of the colon and its microbial community (microflora), so the mate of the anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effect in the colon can be very effective. She added, "We believe there is sufficient evidence to support drinking mate the effectiveness of biological activity, especially if people have reason to fear colon cancer. People can buy mate tea bags in health food stores but also in large supermarket to buy large amounts. " Scientists have completed a study of the control group rodent colon drink mate as the only water source of the rats and only drink water, will soon be the research results are published.
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Mate has several names in the market; in Portugal it is known as chimarrao, in Spanish it’s cimarron. It is also famous in many countries. A traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink, it is enjoyed in states like Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, the southern areas of Brazil, Lebanon, Syria, and South Chile.

Its raw material is the dried leaves of yerba mate or erva-mate and then to make it a beverage it is mixed with hot water. Interestingly, mate is usually served in a certain gourd with a metal as straw. Its herbs are first dried, then chopped and ground into a powdery mixture.

Mate can trace back to tribes called Guarani and Tupi who were known to be the first people to use it. They lived in the Southern Part of Brazil which was, at that time, part of the Paraguayan territory. Hence, it got its scientific name: llex paraguariensis. When the European colonized the Spanish colony of the area in the late 1600s, consumption of the yerba mate became widespread. A century after, some Jesuits domesticated the plant to their plantations which caused competitive tension between them and the indigenous. In 1770s, when the Jesuits were expelled, their plantations were also put into ruins. The Paraguayan war further devastated its production.

That was why Brazil took over and became its largest producer. Argentina came into the picture and domesticated the plant. Later on when Brazil placed their focus on coffee in the 1900s, Argentina eventually got first place as prime producer. Both countries alternated in such a position. Today, Brazil comes first as the largest producer, followed by Argentina and Paraguay.

FDA approves of yerba mate and recognizes it as generally safe. It is said to contain vitamins A, B1, B2, C and E, as well as minerals like calcium, iron, and phosphorus. For health benefits, mate is a good source of antioxidants, and is actually higher than that of green tea. Some studies suggest that it also shows cancer-fighting substances. Aside from that, a certain research also exhibited that consumption of yerba mate can increase HDL cholesterol and lower levels of LDL.
Lyka Candelario, RN
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