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Studying a degree in Biotechnology

I am know doing my A levels but this year I am finishing my second course. I like biotechnology and I think that this is the degree which I am going to choose.

Have you studied this degree? Do you recommend it?

I am undecided because I don´t know how could it be its future and if I will be able to pass my exams in the university, I have heard that it's quite difficult.

I would like to read your personal experiences.

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biotechnology is an awesome world with in it self if you are really " go get it" kind of in the science field . you will enjoy it if you are aware of various aspects and news related to this field.
yes , i surely recommend it to you if you are interested in it you will come up with very good experience as i personally feel the same doing biotechnology at bachelor's level .

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Bio technology is worth to study. There is not so much crowd in this field as this require more study and interest then just formal study. Also when it comes to use it as the practical knowledge the biotechnology is good to implied as this give some f the best benefits to our lives.
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The array of programs available to those looking for a career in biotechnology may seem overwhelming at first glance. Generally, there are six types of programs: certificate, associate, bachelor's, master's, PhD, and dual degree programs.
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