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Masters In biotech
Hello. Im currently in the 3rd year of my BSc. Biotech degree and would like to know the suitable countries to pursue my masters. USA is not possible since it requires 16 years, however is it a good idea to complete a year of my masters in India and then transfer?
Also,i would like to know the current industries in Biotech that are doing well and the country i decide to study should be such where i could get a job as well?
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i m doin bsc in biotechnology nd want to persue masters overseas bt m confused in wt field shud i opt for say for example embryology, molecular biology, biomedical etc or pure biotechnology
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u cn do ur 1yr of masters over here nd thn cn get transfer in us... thy only require ur continuity in d field of biotechnology for 4yrs so as to get admission as they consider 12+4 as graduation...wud b glad if dis helps abit.. i m also doin bsc biotech in second year
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You can try a MSc program in top Indian institutes like IITB and IITR. They increase your chances of getting selected into a better US university!
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Chances of getting into IITB or IITR are very slim because of the number of seats for open category and the portion for the entrance test is never ending! Any other suggestions?
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