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Cell Line Development & Engineering | 9–12 February 2015| Dublin, Ireland|
Cell Line Development & Engineering 2015

Organisers: Informa Life Sciences

Dates: 9th–12th February 2015

Location: Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin, Ireland


The website gives all the necessary information on abstract submission, fees, registration, conference agenda, hotel, exhibitions and other important facts. The attached programme also gives details on all the scientific and social programme as well as the conference abstracts.

Purpose of the conference:

This is designed to be the ‘go-to’ European conference to benchmark against leading industry case studies on the latest in novel technologies and strategic approaches in cell banking, quality control, automation, high throughput clone selection, cell line development, cell line engineering and the application of the 'omics for improved bioprocessing. It will feature presentations of latest industry data, interactive focus groups, panel discussions and dedicated networking time, and is intended to ensure streamlined processes and strategies to get products to the market quickly.

Session topics:

A detailed programme is attached, containing all the information on individual speakers and presentations. To summarise the outline of the event:
  • Day 1: Product Quality & Cell Line Development Strategies for Difficult to Express Proteins, Non-Antibody Proteins and Biosimilars

  • Day 2A: Automation, Screening, Clone Selection, Product Quality and High Throughput Analytics

  • Day 2B: Transient Expression Systems

  • Day 3D: Cell Line Engineering, Targeted Integration and Cell Culture Optimisation

  • Day 3E: Cell Banking: Characterisation, Contamination Control and Regulatory Compliance

  • Day 4: The 'Omics and Cell Engineering

  • There is a 1 Day Pass available to facilitate flexible attendance

  • A parallel stream format is available to maximise time out of the office

  • There will be 50 case studies and practical advice

  • There will be essential insight on the application of targeted integration and genome editing technologies including CRISPR Cas9 to improve cell line engineering

  • There will be information on how to integrate NGS and early high throughput analytics to enhance product quality and shorten development timeframes

  • There will be advice on gaining practical strategies for translating next generation ‘omics data into knowledge

  • There will be information on how to reduce time from product candidate to the clinic.


Who should attend?

Heads of Department, Directors, Managers, Team Leaders, Associates, Consultants and Coordinators from:
  • Cell Line Development

  • Cell Line Engineering

  • Cell Culture Technologies/Development

  • Process Development

  • R&D

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