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Careers in Biotechnology - Graduated long time back
I am happy to see a forum like this at least after 15 yrs, since i finished, my Graduation in Biotech MKU, i have drifted my career in different directions, to tell you the truth, i have not had any career in particular, I was running family business for 6 years in India, and during that time  I found new interest in IT and i took some courses but  i did not nail any job, everything was half done, i had landed in Toronto during the same time, and i  taught the IT courses  i learned for a short time, however, i have not landed in any IT job, then i was again busy in this part of the world for 6 yrs with the hotel business, but i kept my interest in my sciences, in fact i took DAT and i did quite well, but again of no use, and i wanted to get into Nursing, i thought it should, be smooth, it is different, and i could not clear all the papers in first semester,  the passing grade is 80%, i just had to leave the way it is, and i continued on taking courses in Accounting and IT, Just finished 2 certificate courses in this December from community college, I am planning to  get into job market. Are there any avenues that can utilize my skills.
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