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World Congress and Expo on Applied Microbiology-2015
Theme: State-of-the-art Trends in Applied Microbial Industries, Biotech and Pharmaceuticals

Featuring 3 days of Scientific workshop, Technical symposium, Special sessions, Speaker & Poster session, and Industrial Expo

Microbiology Conference Detail: World Congress and Expo on Applied Microbiology 2015 is held with the support of international representatives and editorial members from  Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination (IF 1.51), Journal of Microbial & Biochemical Technology (IF 2.16), and The Journal of Advances in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology. Conference proceedings will be published in the subsequent issue release. 2014 Microbiology Conference

Speaker and poster abstract guidelines: Abstract should be 250 words in length followed by the biography of presenting author of upto 100 words. All submitted abstracts will be thoroughly examined by an expert committee. It is recommended to make your submissions at the earliest to give enough feedback time. Final submissions for speaker and poster categories will be accepted only till April 30, 2015. Please request a sample abstract format at :

2015 Sessions,

Bacteriology, Virology & Mycology (BVM) - Classification of microbes both clinical and industrial has helped to identify the pathogens from symbionts (Session Chair: Dr Joachim Wink, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research)

Pharmaceutical Industries - Fine tuned microbes are used to produce higher grade antibiotics, vaccines, vitamins, enzymes, dietary supplements and more

Industrial Microbiology - Through out the century science of fermentation and technology has helped beer breweries and fizzy drink factories earn billion around the world

Food Microbiology - Enzymes and microorganisms are used to produce fine quality consumables and also help to study the food spoilages and poisonings. A fine example of cutting edge billion dollar market

Marine Microbiology - Oceans underneath is filled with lifeforms of various sizes. Understanding and transforming their molecular biology for potential use is done with much greater excitement these days

Environmental Microbiology - With the help of bioremediation and biodegradation waste treatment plants has helped recycle the valuable products and safe disposal of hazardous byproducts

Agricultural Micrbiology - Studying the symbionts and soil nature has helped to produce the nutrient rich bio products. Organic food products has greater health benefits and high profit margins

Biofuels/Petroleum Microbiology-  More research on finding alternative energy is going, with some of the efforts showing promising results towards the expansion of this science (Session Chair: Armen H. Trchounian, Plants and Microbes Biotechnology)

Academia / Industrial Participation

Microbiology 2015, Germany will witness around 300 and more attedees from Europe and other countries. Professors, Research fellows and scientific eminences will be presented. We will also have the expertise from Bacteriologists, Virologists, Marine biologists, Mycologist, Parasitologists, Instrumentation engineers, System biologists, Genetic and protein engineers, Food processing experts, Soil and agricultural biologist, Ecologist, Chairman/Vice-chairman of industries and other experts of relevant field.

Exhibition, B2B Partnering & Event Collaboration

Microbiology 2015, Germany has exhibitor spaces available for product promotion by industrial exhibitors or act as the potential sponsor to introduce products of academia, industrial and field applications. Exhibitor booths are served on First come First serve basis depending on the space availability.  Timely notification to the organizers is highly recommended to make appropriate arrangements. Please call/e-mail to the event organizers for further details.

Ahens Lavigne
Congress Manager
World Congress and Expo on Applied Microbiology
(August 18-20, 2015, Frankfurt, Germany)
Office: Los Angeles, USA
Tel: +1-650-268-9744
Fax: +1-650-618-1414
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