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Penn State or NYU?
I have been accepted by NYU and Pennsylvania State university, however, I do not know which one is better in terms of rankings because different sites report it differently and there is no transparency in these rankings. Sometimes biotech is not even a specialization that is ranked. Does anyone know which is better?
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I've been recently admitted to Penn State as well as NYU. Also I have applied to UC Irvine for MS in Biotech. However, the rankings published at various websites arent helpful. Does anyone know which one is better?
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Depends on the area which you would like to work on. If you got interest in chemical engineering or computational sciences (systems biology, bio informatics etc), I would suggest you to go for Penn state. Otherwise if you are more inclined to core biological field then go for NYU. If you got in NYU and penn state then I think you better go for one of them than waiting for UC Irvine. All the best
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