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Interview at IIT-Kharagpur : My Perspective
(05-07-2015, 01:04 AM)shilpa sarkar Wrote: Thank you sir,
Do they ask anything related to physics or chemistry?  One more thing, I am just curious to know, did u answer every question asked by them?

Hello Shilpa,

there's nothing to worry. Stay calm and one can answer anything. They give ample time to think. If you don't know anything, just ask them to change the topic. This will in turn make them ask you, your favorite subject, and that's your chance to prove.

Regarding what they ask, they can ask from any topic, from physics, chemistry to biology, and deeper topics combined. But those will be conceptual. One of my friend was asked to determine the volume of an irregular object, whose dimensions cannot be calculated. So do expect such questions.

And yes, I was able to answer all the questions except one, which, due to my weak memory, I cannot remember.

Best of luck to you and all others.

Thank you sir, can you pls tel me when does iit Hyderabad and guwahati display their list
Hello Sir,

I have got shortlisted for Ph.D. interview in both IIT Kharagpur and IIT Guwahati. I have got DST- INSPIRE jrf this March. I have my Kharagpur interview this 1st of June. The problem is that I had biosciences during my 12th. so can you please suggest me few tips what should I prepare for my entrance test in IIT?

With regards

Subhasree Saha

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