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MS(Research) Admissions
I have graduated in B.Tech in biotechnology in June 2015 and qualified GATE 15 with 93.03 percentile. I haven't yet took the admission into any post graduate programs yet.
I am quite interested to be researcher in the same.
Hence, wanted to choose MS® course but in dilemma with the following queries:

1. How well is it received by the foreign universities if we go for PhD in abroad??
2. Are scholarships available for this program? If yes, what are all?
3. Planning to apply for Jan-May 2016 session of MS®. What are the chances and scope of getting admission into it? Any demerits for Jan-may session compared to July-Nov?

Thanks in advance!! Smile

Most of the universities in the world consider an MS P.G student (looking for a PhD) as a good candidate who is expected to have gone through research to some extent is now looking forward to next steps in his/her research career. So MS course is received as a big high by almost every uni.

Confused by your second question, but I assume you are looking for admission in MS abroad. Yes scholarships are available. For European nations and US you will need an excellent GRE score and nice recommendations for getting schol based admission into MS course. For Asian Nations, (Singapore/Taiwan/China) you can do with GATE too (your current score should be fine, but they prefer candidates for PhD over MS/Mtech for using the scholarship funds).

January session is often less crowded, the extent of competition would be lesser.

Hope I could be of some help.

All the best
Hello Steve,

Thanks for your concern.
By MS(research) I meant the 2-3 years research work program in Indian institutes like IIT Madras, IIT D, and some other to name a few.
If have any idea, please do guide me guys.

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