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B Tech biotechnology admission without maths in +2
Thanks for your suggestion by replying at last. Phew...
However, computer science is not what I want to pursue, it is my hobby 
but it is not what I would want to make a living out of. I want do do a course
which would obviously have biology as its core and I have no problem with 
that. Hence it is not necessary that my field of study has to have computer
in it. It is just that I love it.

As you have mentioned about bioinformatics, could you also elaborate on its
scope after B.Tech and whether I could study Medical after that, you might
think, "This kid is crazy" but I like studying, and I intend to study forever.
You might have misinterpreted my liking about computer. Basically my aim is to first
get a degree and start working and then finance my own Medical study.

Any suggestions on foreign scholarships about courses related to my field[bio]
would be great. And thank you once more. Finally I got someone with answers,
you do not know how much relieved I am feeling right now.

Ayushman Banerjee.
I am presently studying in class 10 and wish to make a career in btech . I have kept a mindset for PCB, but do I need to add maths to it ?
(12-05-2016, 10:08 PM)Sanha Wrote: Sir,
I am presently studying in class 10 and wish to make a career in btech . I have kept a mindset for PCB, but do I need to add maths to it ?
Hi Sanha,

It's not mandatory to opt for Maths to make a career in Biotechnology. But it definitely helps you a lot if you are sound in mathematics.

Requirement of maths in Biotechnology is actually highly variable. If you are going to get inclined towards wet lab research then you may expect lesser requirement of mathematics(by wet lab, it is meant that a person deals with biological specimens, reagents, instruments etc to perform experiments. A dry lab person is more inclined towards data analytics using computers).

But you will always feel the need of being statistically sound to analyse the results obtained through the experiments. In short, one can definitely make a career in Biotech without opting for Mathematics, but you can't eliminate the need for the same in your career.

Moreover, whereas almost every private college offers Biotech degrees to all interested and academically eligible students (irrespective of being PCB or PCM), most government colleges require you to have opted for Maths in class 12th.

Hope it helps

Best wishes
Sunil Nagpal
MS(Research) Scholar, IIT Delhi (Alumnus)
Advisor for the Biotech Students portal (
Computational Researcher in BioSciences at a leading MNC

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Sir ,i am student of 12th std and want to make career in biotech . I have pcb as subject in 12th and want to do in biotech ..
Can it is possible ??
If yesh suggest some top colleges of INDIA ..

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B Tech biotechnology admission without maths in +200