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Education and career in BSC Biotechnology
Hello sir

I will complete my bachelor of science in the field of biotechnology this year. ..
Should I continue my masters in the same field. .?
If yes, where would I get the jobs ?
What jobs will I get and with how much salary package in India (most probably in gujarat)?
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Please sir needs quick reply
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Pursuing a Masters degree in Biotechnology would be great. I would also advice to choose a specialization - either popular ones like pharmaceutical biotechnology, food biotechnology or agricultural biotechnology, or unorthodox ones like environmental biotechnology.
Relocating to Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune or Chennai could be an added advantage. Most of the biotech companies are based out of those cities. So, getting a job after passing out (or maybe getting an internship during studies) could be more convenient.
Good Luck.
Tanmoy Ray has got a Pharmacy & Pharmacology background with 5 years of research experience in the fields of Cardiovascular Medicine, Cancer Biology, Biomarkers, Drug Discovery, and Translational Medicine. He has worked at the University of Oxford (UK), Utrecht University (Netherlands) and University of New South Wales (Australia). He currently works as a Career Adviser (biomedical & life sciences) and Admission (study abroad) Consultant (MS/PhD). Tanmoy also writes blog articles in the field of Life & Biomedical Sciences for Careerizma. You can also follow him on Twitter. You can also contact him for Career Advice on Biomedical, Health & Life Sciences.
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Thank you so much sir
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So can you please tell me what job's I would get after completing msc in biotechnology in private university (CHARUSAT UNIVERSITY) and what be the salary packages. ..?is there any place in gujarat for jobs. .?Please suggest some names.
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