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What motivates you to keep going in a biotech job?
I'm not a scientist myself, but I've visited several different labs and manufacturing sites of various shapes and sizes and talked to people in the biotech industry. The shifts are typically long, the work complex, and there is often a chronic lack of sunlight in the workplace.

Despite all that, people working in biotech jobs seem to be very motivated to keep going. Just curious what it is about your job that makes you want to turn it into a life-long career. Smile
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Even we don't know what keeps us motivated.. EITHER its the hope that we will get what we have always desired as a biotechnologist or its the only option we can go for..
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I just need what are the opportunities I have in front of me? In our country the biggest problem is ignorance..I dont know what are the way I have ....that is why I'm asking
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What motivates you to keep going in a biotech job?00