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FP7 proposal "Waste-to-Energy Biotechnology" (WEB)
The European Profiles S.A. (Greece) together with the Institute of Microbiology and Virology (Ukraine) is developing the FP7 project “Pre-Industrial Waste-to-Energy Enabling Biotechnology based on Accelerated Fermentation of Mixed Organic Waste”. Our intention is to submit this proposal to FP7 KBBE Call expected in July 2012.
General idea of this research and demonstration project is a development of an effective technology set designed for effective conversion of mixed landfill waste biomass into energy-rich products with application of a value chain comprehensive approach. The target products include various types of biofuels. Within the same conversion chain it is expected to obtain gas (molecular hydrogen), liquid (a mixture of low-molecular alcohols) and solid (unfermented crop residues) biofuels and also valuable fermentation products such as organic acids. The core of approach to be applied is a microbial biotechnology that provides complete fermentation of various organic wastes (vegetable and food waste, plant, cellulose, paper, landfill filtrate with high soluble carbon compounds content) and will be provided by 3 research organizations experienced in waste fermentation. The efficiency of the biotechnology will be demonstrated on a laboratory-scale plant, optimized, and unrolled in the form of the plant built directly on the landfill. The project involves an interdisciplinary collaboration and includes the following organizations: research and biotechnology laboratories, equipment engineers and manufacturers, small and medium-sized enterprises, city administrations, industry representatives (energy and chemistry sector players specialized in organic synthesis), as well as experts in economic modeling, consultancy and management logistics partners.
We are looking for partners to develop a detailed successful proposal in accordance with our mutual research and business interests. In particular we are looking for companies/institutions as follows:
• EU (AC) Research institutions experienced in efficient waste fermentation / gas mixture production / separation
• EU SME experienced in microbiological plant / biofuel plant design and construction (that already took part in the framework programme
• Fuel-Cells R&D SME experienced in FP project implementation
• SME that uses biohydrogen as a final product (e.g. gases / liquids for electricity conversion, and/or uses biohydrogen in chemical reactions
We are ready to provide you with additional information if you are interested in participation in potential project and your institution/company possesses the relevant capacity/know-how. Please do not hesitate to contact us:
Dr. Vladimir Arkhangelski, Senior Consultant, European Profiles Kiev Office,
Ms. Rania Sabanegh, Senior Consultant, European Profiles Main Office in Athens,
e-mail:; web:
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