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H1b visa sponsor in USA - Biotech Company or College
I had a question regarding H1 B visa sponsors for international biotechnologists. I did my masters in biotechnology at Andhra University, AP, INDIA and now I am on H4 residing in Maryland, US. I am willing to file my H1 B in April 2014. Do University of Maryland sponsors H1B for international biotechnologists? Or there anyone or any other companies who sponsors H1 visa for international biotech people?

Please reply if u know any information regarding H1 B sponsoring so that it will be great help to me...

Thank You!!!

Pranavi Chennupati
Hi Pranavi,

I do not know if your Masters in Biotechnology will be considered equivalent to MS of USA. You need to approach a degree evaluator for it.

1.) Yes Univ. of Maryland does sponsor H1 Visa (see this: ). But I would expect that if you had done Masters/PhD from USA, your chances of getting a H1B sponsor or to find a job would have been better.

2.) Companies like Genentech (and many more) indeed sponsor H1B visa in research fields, but again choice of sponsoring visa is theirs, not yours.

No one on this forum will be able to accurately predict if a University or a Private company would be willing to do your H1B visa, you would be better of contacting them directly.
Additional information on this topic:

Note – there are few openings for Biotechnology Graduates in New York. If you are interested send an email using contact page or write a comment to this article. [ Jan/2010]

I’m trying to find list of consulting companies who can sponsor H1B visa for Biotechnology major students. Its time for students to start planning for H1B Visa petition.

I know many students are trying to get job before April, 2009 and file your H1B. Also, many students are trying to join consulting firms to file H-1B Visa petition. If they have Masters degree from US universities, then Visa cam be filed under Advanced degree quota.

Consultants for Biotechnology

In last 2 weeks many students were asking about Consulting firms who can sponsor and apply for H1B Visa. Also they should have projects with Biotechnology or Pharmaceutical firms. I searched around a bit to see if I can find any firms who will take students in OPT, or do H1B transfer or apply for H1B outside U.S.

I was able to find many firms, but most of them had very few Biotechnology based clients. Maybe one or 2 companies. So, if you are graduating with Masters in Biotechnology and looking for a firm, write a comment to this article below.

If I find someone who has good projects and many Biotech, Pharma or Clinical based clients, I will let you know. In mean time try to find full time job. I know its hard to find job in this market, but search for specific key words like Cell Biology, Research Associate, DNA, RNA, Tissue Culture, DNA Sequencing, … or based on specific virus you worked on or something. That will give you very narrow results, but it will help to apply for job that you have experience.

H1B Visa – Biotechnology

If you are in OPT and looking for job, you could try to volunteer for any firms, so 90 days will not be counted in OPT period. Most of the consulting firms are IT based and very few are out there that have contacts with biotech firms and in 45 days you go to find a way to get a job or a consulting firm to file your H1B Visa. You can also read about Adi’s Biotechnology Job Search Experience ( 3 Parts)

Example of companies sponsoring H1B visa

- Sigma-Aldrich Biotechnology

- Software Guidance & Assistance, Inc., (SGA), is searching for Senior IT Project Manager for a long-term Contractor assignment with one of our premier Insurance clients in Hoboken, NJ. He/she will work on 2 major work streams for the Sales and Marketing Group.

. For consulting positions, we offer a variety of benefit options including but not limited to health & dental insurance, paid vacation, timely payment via direct deposit in addition to transferring H1B Visa sponsorship. Please inquire about our referral program if you would like to submit a candidate for any of our open or future job opportunities.
Hai Jessica!!!

Thank You so much for your valuable information. It may help me a lot....thankyou once again.......


Can anyone suggest me the good and better way to continue my career in united states after completing masters in biotechnology(from India).....

As an international student, Is it good to opt Phd or go for job in biotech field?? which is the easy way?



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