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Were you aware of Colors of Biotechnology?
This article aims at shedding light on "Various Colors of Biotechnology". Red, White, Grey, Green and Blue are the 5 major colors of Biotechnology and following is the detailed article on each color of Biotechnology.

Red biotechnology pertains to applications/technology connected to medicine.
Red biotechnology includes vaccine & antibiotic production, development of new drugs, regenerative therapies, molecular diagnostics techniques and utilization of gene manipulation technologies to cure diseases. 

Examples being: 
Cell therapy, Regenerative Medicine, Therapeutic antibodies, Gene Therapy etc.

White biotechnology pertains to applications/ technology connected to industrial processes -  also called ‘industrial biotechnology’. White biotechnology aims at developing resource efficient processes and products, so as to result in 'less energy consumption' and 'low pollution generation'. 

Examples being:
Use of microbes in chemical production, biodegradable plastic production, biofuel production etc.

Grey biotechnology pertains to applications/ technologies connected to the environment
Grey biotechnology processes can be split up into two main branches: 
1. Biodiversity maintenance
2. Contaminants removal. 

Biodiversity maintenance is achieved through 
a. Studying the molecular biology and performing genetic analysis of populations/ species which constitute the ecosystem(s)
b. Comparison and classification of the species
c. Use of cloning techniques to preserve species, and application of genome storage technologies. 

Pollutants removal or bioremediation in Grey Biotechnology
a. Uses microorganisms and plants to isolate and dispose of different substances such as heavy metals and hydrocarbons
b. Makes use of these substances or by-products generated from the above step.

Green biotechnology as the name suggests, is connected to agriculture
Green biotechnology approaches include:
1. Creation of new varieties of plants (of agricultural interest).
2. Production of biofertilizers, biopesticides (like Azadirachtin from A.indica)
3. Use of in vitro technology for plant cultivation
4. Cloning of plants

Blue biotechnology again as the name suggests, is connected to marine life / sea resources.

Blue biotechnology aims at developing products and applications of industrial interest using marine resources. Considering the fact that seas/oceans present a greatest pool of biodiversity, the potential to benefit from the use of this kind of biotechnology is huge for almost every sector. 

Following is a summary of these and some other colors of Biotechnology:

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