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Regarding internship
Sir, can you please suggest me some recent experiment or topics related to genetics and chemical science for my internship???
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Go for HIV genotyping and role of mutations in drug resistance
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Experiment requires RNA isolation from HIV from plasma of HIV infected patients then reverse transcription to make cDNA from HIV RNA and then amplification of cDNA and then gene sequencing of genes involved in drug action according to clad of HIV
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Both are different experiments??
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Can you suggest me some article regarding this topic???
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Upper one is title and second reply is experiments in it
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There is a kit based method and one is in-house, kit based is costly, u can directly search on google protocol for HIV drug susceptibility test methodology, I can give u protocol but it far to extensive , if u don't find anything please reply back
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Can u sent me some article and research work on HIV genotyping
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Where should I send u
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Articles are paid and I guess I can't upload them here
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